Red Mountain Grace

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The Beginning

In 1988, Jason Carroll and John Burdett lived just a few houses down from each other in the small town of Clay, AL.  They were only 8 years old when they met for the first time on Finch Rd.  The two quickly became great friends, and through the years that bond has only become stronger. Education and careers separated the two for a few years, but they always kept in touch.  As time moved on, both became husbands, fathers, and successful businessmen.  Jason and John had no clue that God had brought them together years ago for a greater calling that was about to be brought to light!

The two met at Slice, a Birmingham restaurant, for lunch in February of 2013.  They were excited to see each other, and quickly began to catch up on one another’s life.  They found themselves immersed in conversation around how Christ was moving in each of them like no time before!  They spoke of their individual journeys that lead up to this point, and how they both felt the need to make their lives count for something more than themselves.  John had no idea that Jason had already felt led to start a needs assessment of hospital hospitality homes in the Birmingham area.  When he mentioned this intention to John, the journey of Red Mountain Grace began.

Jason and John moved quickly after learning that an average of 30-40 families remain on waiting lists every night in Birmingham. They strategized and planned over the next few months, and emerged with a business model that would not only give the guest excellent service and lodging, but would do so in an efficient and highly scalable way.  They would use their own funds to bootstrap the project with the intention of being cost efficient in every facet of the organization.  The old friends assembled a board, obtained their non-profit status, and hired the first Red Mountain Grace employee.  With focus on patient families and executing on the plan with proper processes and procedures, Red Mountain Grace has become one of Birmingham’s fastest growing non-profit organizations.

Since opening its doors in August of 2013, Red Mountain Grace has become the home away from home to nearly 200 families (May 2017).  The organization has grown from 2 to 12 apartments, and is looking to expand to 15-20 in 2017.