Our Best Widespread Grace Yet!

by Lindsay Miller

Red Mountain Grace’s fifth annual Widespread Grace was a wonderful success!

On the evening of October 1, 2019, we shared our mission and the heartbreaking reality that many families will not have a place to rest while facing medical crisis in Birmingham.

As believers, neighbors in our city and stewards of incredibly important medical resources, we want to extend a hand to the patients and families that need a place to rest. For a family facing insurmountable stress and financial burden, our open doors share the gospel loud and clear. And because Jesus Christ made room for everyone, for all people, we want to follow in His footsteps. It was a mark of His ministry and it's the fundamental element of our mission. Hospitality was one of Christ’s ways of loving others and we want to be hospitable to as many as we can.

Thanks to the 400+ people that came to Widespread Grace, we will be able to spread our mission even farther and open more doors for those who need it most.

Our deepest thanks to our 2019 Widespread Grace sponsors!

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