All guests are required to go through their social workers to obtain a reservation.


Guest Eligibility

Anyone is eligible to be a Guest or Tenant at the Red Mountain Grace ("RMG") property if he or she meets all of the following requirements:

  • Has a verifiable permanent residence 50 miles or more from the treating hospital
  • Has a valid driver’s license, state identification card, visa or passport*
  • Has a caregiver, guardian, or patient over the age of 18 also staying in the apartment
  • Able to understand the contents of the Lease and Addendum and have the capacity to sign the same
  • Able to present a referral from an authorized representative of the medical provider involved in the care of the patient or have previously stayed with RMG and be in good standing with RMG
  • Does not present a health, behavioral or safety hazard to others

If at any point in time, RMG determines that a Guest or Tenant does not meet these requirements or has misrepresented his or her eligibility, RMG may terminate that person’s ability to continue to stay at RMG.

*Documentation required for identification purposes only.  No attempt is made to validate citizenship or visa status