Volunteer Spotlight - November 2017

by Lizzi Wilkerson

Volunteer Spotlight

Margie Hampton began volunteering with Red Mountain Grace in the spring of 2016. Margie is truly one of the most selfless people you could ever meet. Margie has a huge heart for Red Mountain Grace. While Margie loves visiting with our patients, The Lord put a specific burden on her heart for the caregivers of these patients. This has led her to form a special relationship with one of our current families. Margie began loving on and praying for Courtney and her mom Tammy in January of 2017. Margie keeps in close contact with Tammy and spends days with Courtney taking her to and from therapy when Tammy needs to go home. Margie loves well and leads well in all that she does. This will truly be her legacy! 

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